Isaac ROS Jetson


Isaac ROS Jetson simplifies the process of monitoring and managing NVIDIA Jetson, empowering developers to optimize performance, ensure system stability, and streamline development workflows for ROS 2.

What is jetson-stats?

jetson_stats is a comprehensive utility tool specifically designed for NVIDIA Jetson, including the Jetson Nano, Jetson TX1, TX2, Xavier, and Orin series. It provides a variety of functionalities to monitor and manage the Jetson device’s performance, temperature, power usage, and more.

How Does it Work with Isaac ROS?

The Isaac ROS Jetson Stats package wraps the output from the jetson_stats package and publishes a diagnostic message with the status of your device. It remaps all board statuses to the desired format for more accessible analysis and monitoring.

The package provides the following features:
  • System Monitoring

  • Fan Control

  • GPU Frequency Control

  • Power Management

  • Thermal Throttling Monitoring

  • Memory Usage

  • JetPack Version Detection

To learn more about Jetson Stats, refer to the jetson_stats documentation.

Why use in isaac_ros_jetson on my robotics application?

ROS designed a tool for aggregating diagnostics messages published from other nodes that publish these messages and republish them in a single diagnostic topic. This makes it easier to monitor and manage the diagnostics of a ROS system, especially in complex robotic systems where multiple nodes may be publishing diagnostic information.

Isaac ROS Jetson provides a set of messages to monitor the health of your board while the robot is working and tracking what is happening.

As an illustration, consider a scenario where your board is under high power demand. In such a case, a node that reads the diagnostics message can dynamically adjust the nvp power mode or even disable certain nodes that are consuming excessive computational resources. This dynamic power management capability is a key feature of the tool.

Using the isaac_ros_jetson package in a Docker container can greatly improve the robustness and reliability of your project. This method ensures a consistent and isolated environment, reducing compatibility issues and making deployment across different platforms easier.



Supported Platforms

This package is designed and tested to be compatible with ROS 2 Humble running on Jetson platforms. See the compatibility of jetson_stats.


x86_64 system is not supported.





Initial release