Tutorial to create your own 3D object mesh for FoundationPose


This tutorial walks you through create a 3D mesh for an arbitrary object using your mobile phone.

Tutorial Walkthrough

  1. Install the AR Code Object Capture 3D Scan app on your mobile phone.


    An iPhone 12 Pro or a newer model is necessary for this app. While we reference the iPhone here, equivalent applications should be available in the Android app store.

  2. Open the app, follow the prompt instructions to scan the object.

  3. Finish scan, generate the object mesh and export as .usdz file.

  4. Convert the .usdz file to .obj use online tools

  5. Make sure the origin frame of the object is shifted to the center follow this tutorial.

  6. Download the obj file to your workspace, you should see the .obj file along with the .mtl and texture .png files in a folder.