Source code on GitHub.


  1. Set up your development environment by following the instructions here.

  2. Clone isaac_ros_common and this repository under ${ISAAC_ROS_WS}/src.

    cd ${ISAAC_ROS_WS}/src
    git clone
git clone
  1. Build the RealSense camera package for Humble, using this doc.

  2. Launch the Docker container using the script:

    cd ${ISAAC_ROS_WS}/src/isaac_ros_common && \
  3. Install this package’s dependencies.

    sudo apt-get install -y ros-humble-isaac-ros-image-proc
  4. Start isaac_ros_image_proc using the prebuilt executable (Using RealSense camera as an example):

    ros2 run isaac_ros_image_proc isaac_ros_image_proc --ros-args -r /image_raw:=/camera/color/image_raw --ros-args -r /camera_info:=/camera/color/camera_info
  5. In a separate terminal, spin up a calibrated camera publisher to /image_raw and /camera_info using any package(for example, realsense2_camera):

    ros2 launch realsense2_camera
  6. Observe the image output in grayscale and color on /image_mono and /image_rect_color, respectively:

    ros2 run image_view image_view --ros-args -r image:=image_mono
    ros2 run image_view image_view --ros-args -r image:=image_rect_color


For RealSense camera package issues, please refer to the section here.

Other supported cameras can be found here.

For camera calibration, please refer to this guide.



The isaac_ros_image_proc package offers functionality for rectifying/undistorting images from a monocular camera setup, resizing the image, and changing the image format. It largely replaces the image_proc package, though the image format conversion facility also functions as a way to replace the CPU-based image format conversion in cv_bridge. The rectify node can also resize the image; if resizing is not needed, specify the output width/height same as input.

Available Components


Topics Subscribed

Topics Published



image_raw, camera_info: The input camera stream

image: The converted image

encoding_desired: Target encoding to convert to.


image_raw, camera_info: The input camera stream

image_rect, camera_info_rect: The rectified camera stream

output_height: The absolute height to resize to output_width: The absolute width to resize to


image, camera_info: The input camera stream

resize/image, resize/camera_info: The resized camera stream

output_height: The absolute height to resize to output_width: The absolute width to resize to num_blocks: The number of pre-allocated memory blocks, should not be less than 40. keep_aspect_ratio: The flag to keep the aspect_ratio when set to true


image: The input image data

image_flipped: The flipped image

flip_mode: Supports 3 modes - HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, and BOTH

Limitation: isaac_ros_image_proc nodes require even number dimensions for images.