Tutorial: Calibrating the Sensors

This tutorial will enable you to calibrate the sensors on Nova Carter using the Nova Calibration Tool.

The Nova Calibration Tool is a containerized application that guides you through the process of calibrating the poses of the sensors on a Nova Carter robot.


  1. SSH into the robot (instructions).

  2. Follow the instructions to set up calibration.

  3. If the calibration is successful, you should see a URDF file generated at /etc/nova/calibration/isaac_calibration.urdf.

    This is also the default URDF path used by the demo applications in the other Nova Carter tutorials.


You also have access to a URDF file with nominal values located at /etc/nova/calibration/isaac_nominals.urdf. This file is useful as a backup in case calibration fails, but in general, always use isaac_calibration.urdf because it better reflects the true extrinsics of your physical robot.