RealSense Data Recording for Nvblox

A custom launch file is provided to record RealSense data for playing back with nvblox.

Record ROS Bag

To record RealSense data for nvblox:

  1. Make sure that all RealSense Dependencies are met.

  2. Connect the camera, start the Docker container and source the workspace as explained in Static Reconstruction with RealSense.

  3. Start recording:

    ros2 launch nvblox_examples_bringup
  4. Stop the recording when done.

Start Nvblox from ROS Bag

  1. Setup your workspace for the RealSense. For example, if you want to run static, human, or dynamic reconstruction.

  2. Inside the sourced ROS Docker container start nvblox from a bag:

    ros2 launch nvblox_examples_bringup <launch_file_name_of_example> from_bag:=True bag_path:=<path_to_recorded_bag>